What are PCB boards?

Answer PCB stands for "printed circuit board." It is a thick sheet, usually made of glass fibers, that contains circuits that have been printed onto the board. This technology is used for motherboards, pe... Read More »

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What do balance boards do?

Balance boards are training devices that promote core strength, balance, coordination and motor development. They are also used as therapeutic devices to both prevent and heal injuries and as an ai... Read More »

What are skate boards made of?

The board is made from thin plywood sheets, usually maple, that are pressed together with adhesive until one board is made.The wheels are made of urethane, a resilient plastic that grips well with ... Read More »

What is the name of plastic boards?

Plastic boards are manufactured under a variety of brand names, including Polywood, Select Lumber, FiberForce and BarForce. Manufacturers produce plastic boards from recycled plastic milk, soda and... Read More »

What to do with pressed boards?

If I were doing it, I'd add some plaster of Paris to the paint. Then using a sea sponge, I'd sponge paint the walls so they would resemble adobe type walls. When they were dry, I'd paint roses arou... Read More »