What are Mardi Gras paper towels made of?

Answer Mardi Gras paper towels are made of paper pulp. Paper pulp is a product of wood and can be made of virgin or recycled wood. The paper is often bleached during the production process to give paper ... Read More »

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How strong are mardi gras paper towels?

Mardi Gras paper towels are an economical paper towel brand. They aren't as strong as some of the more expensive paper towel brands, but they aren't as weak or as thin as the generic store brands. ... Read More »

What are paper towels made of?

Paper towels are manufactured from pulpwood, which comes from trees. Other ingredients that may be used in the process of making paper towels include bleach to whiten the towels, resin to keep the ... Read More »

What Is a Mardi Gras Theme?

A Mardi Gras theme can be applied to any type of celebration. This themed event would imitate the Mardi Gras celebrations that occur on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, which marks the start of Le... Read More »

What are Brawny paper towels made of?

The materials used to make Brawny paper towels is confidential information that is not disclosed to the public. The Brawny line is manufactured by Georgia-Pacific and can be found where home househ... Read More »