What are MS Word& Excel?

Answer The Microsoft Office Suite is the world's most popular business productivity suite. Two of the suite's most used applications are its word processor, Word, and its spreadsheet application, Excel.Wo... Read More »

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What Can I Do in Excel That I Cannot Do in Word?

Excel can do several things that Word can't, including offer you formulas for statistical analysis and other math projects, format numbers with a single click, filter out values and apply formattin... Read More »

How Do You Control Word in Excel VBA?

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is the programming shell that is placed in all Microsoft Office applications. VBA uses the same coding syntax as the Microsoft-developed Visual Basic. Advanced O... Read More »

How to Link a Value in a Word Doc to Excel?

Microsoft Office 2010 can link a Word file to an Excel file via an embedded hyperlink. Any value, such as a word, a number or a complete sentence, can be made into a live link to an Excel document ... Read More »

How to Convert Word to Excel?

Microsoft Word and Excel are two programs in the Microsoft Office set of software titles. However, these two programs save completely different document formats. In order to convert a Word file to ... Read More »