What are MS Word& Excel?

Answer The Microsoft Office Suite is the world's most popular business productivity suite. Two of the suite's most used applications are its word processor, Word, and its spreadsheet application, Excel.Wo... Read More »

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What is Microsoft Word& Excel?

Microsoft Word and Excel are two programs that are part of the Microsoft Office software package. Word is word processing or document editing program while Excel is a spreadsheet program.FunctionMS... Read More »

What Can I Do in Excel That I Cannot Do in Word?

Excel can do several things that Word can't, including offer you formulas for statistical analysis and other math projects, format numbers with a single click, filter out values and apply formattin... Read More »

What are forms in the context of office applications like word and excel?

Forms within most of the MS-Office applications are usually created through the use of VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). But it can also mean different things depending upon which particular Of... Read More »

How do I convert Excel to Word?

Copy Excel DataCopy the data that you'd like to use in Excel. For example, if you want to copy the data over to Word from column A, click on the column identifier "A" to highlight the entire column... Read More »