What are Ksi Bolts?

Answer Bolts come in many different sizes and packaging, and we need them for a lot of important work, especially for keeping heavy things together. Bolts also have many different ratings and it's easy to... Read More »

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How to Fix Bolts?

When fixing your car or something around the home, you may need to reuse a bolt which has been stripped, which means that the threads have been deformed or damaged. You could replace the bolt with... Read More »

How to Torque Bolts?

Properly setting the torque on a nut or bolt requires you to use a torque wrench. The nuts or bolts you are working with, though they are steel or metal, are designed to stretch when tightened. A s... Read More »

How many nuts come with U bolts?

U bolts are, as their name suggests, U-shaped. They are used for attaching round surfaces or pipes to other components or bases. U bolts come with two nuts and an oblong strap.Source:Bolt Depot: U-... Read More »

How to Extract Bolts?

A stubborn bolt that refuses to move can prove disheartening at best. The problem increases when the head rounds and a socket or wrench won't fit --- even worse, if the bolt snaps off and buries th... Read More »