What are Ksi Bolts?

Answer Bolts come in many different sizes and packaging, and we need them for a lot of important work, especially for keeping heavy things together. Bolts also have many different ratings and it's easy to... Read More »

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What do SS bolts stand for?

The lightning bolt styled "SS" is an abbreviation of the German phrase Schutzstaffel. Schutzstaffel means elite guard, or the Nazi party equivalent of a military special forces unit. The lightning ... Read More »

What is the torque value for common bolts?

The maximum torque for common bolts ranges between 0.48 kgm for a normal pitch (distance between threads) bolt with a nominal diameter of 4 mm to 253 kgm for a fine pitch bolt with a nominal diamet... Read More »

What size are Jeep starter bolts?

The size of the bolt that fastens the starter to your Jeep will vary between models and years. The Jeep Wrangler starter is fastened with two bolts that are 3/8 inch by 4 inches, while the Jeep Che... Read More »

What sealant is used around head bolts?

You should use ARP thread sealant around your head bolts, according to the website Alamo Motor Sports. Before you apply the sealant, make certain you clean the bolts. After you apply the sealant, y... Read More »