What if the Italin mob & Russian mob was still around as much ?

Answer Both criminal enterprises maintain a presence here in the States, but the ghetto African American and Hispanic gangs are less sophisticated and lack a code of honor unlike the Mafia.

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What are helicopters with two raised blades and a plane body called vertibirds?

What is a plane that can start with a vertical liftoff&switch to level flights called?

Vertical/short take-off and landing (V/STOL) aircraft can lift off vertically and fly horizontally. The design allows fast planes to take off with no or a short runway, which is useful in combat. E... Read More »

How many blades are in a package of 112-0315 Toro blades?

The Toro 112-0315 is a 42-inch mulching lawn mower blade. Toro sells the blade individually. Replacement blades are available from other manufacturers in a 2-pack. The 112-0315 blade also fits some... Read More »

A network administrator enters the enable command at the Switch prompt of a new switch. What mode will the switch enter?

Privileged mode (will turn into a # sign after the router name instead of the > sign it has upon startup.