What are Ipecac tablets?

Answer I would. There's almost defiantly something wrong

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Are ipecac tablets and ipecac syrup same thing?

I've taken 13 tablets of Extra Strength tablets within 12 hours so far in 12 hours, what will happen?

this is perfectly alright. you are just killing your liver and probably doing untold damage to your stomach but since they can replace your liver and you can always go on a liquid diet go ahead an... Read More »

What is syrup of ipecac ?

Syrup of ipecac, a medicine that induces vomiting, contains emetine and cephaeline from the dried rhizome and root of the ipecac plant. The American Academy of Pediatrics no longer recommends givin... Read More »

What is syrup of ipecac indicated for?

Syrup of ipecac is sometimes used to treat accidental poisonings. It is a liquid medication that can purchased without a prescription. If a poisoning occurs, syrup of ipecac is ingested to induce v... Read More »