What are Hannah Montana 's number one hit songs?

Answer It would probably be rock star best of both worlds and party in the usa and so on

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What songs does Hannah Montana 3 have on it?

1. It's all right here - Hannah Montana 2. Let's do this - Hannah Montana3. Mixed up - Hannah Montana4. He could be the one - Hannah Montana5. Just a girl - Hannah Montana6. I wanna know you - Davi... Read More »

Who writes Hannah Montana Songs?

Miley Cyrus writes Hannah Montanas songs. She writes alot of songs and is amazing at it. Hannah Montana ROCKS!!!!! XXXXX sorry lol but yeah that is the answer :):):)

What are the Hannah Montana season 3 songs?

best of both worldslets get crazyit's all right herelets do thishe could be the onethose are a few

What are the songs in Hannah Montana season 3?

let's get crazy,it's alright here,and hoewdown throewdown