What are HPV scabs?

Answer HPV stands for the human papilloma virus, one of the most common STDs in America. Up to 50 percent of people who have sex sometime in their life will have some strand of HPV, according to WebMD. Ma... Read More »

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What color are your scabs?

I'm not sure if you've had leprosy before, but it's kind of a cheese and onion chip flavor and goes well with a nice bottle of red.

What are scabs made of and how do they form?

Scabs are special blood cells called platelets. Platelets stick together like glue at the cut, forming a clot. This clot is like a protective bandage over your cut that keeps more blood and other f... Read More »

What Causes Scabs When Hair is Relaxed?

Using hair relaxers can often be detrimental to the scalp, as the harsh chemicals used in hair straighteners can cause severe scalp irritation, itchiness, allergic reactions, lesions and scabs. By ... Read More »

What can make scabs go away very quickly?

Get a good moisturiser with Vitamin E in it, and keep it moisturised everytime you think of it.. (Providing it's not an open sore though..) This is how we get rid of bed sores really quickly at wo... Read More »