What are French drains?

Answer French drains are named for Henry French, a 19th-century judge and farmer from Massachusetts. A French drain, a trench lined with gravel or rocks, moves or absorbs water from a high area to a lower... Read More »

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How do I unclog French drains?

Pressure CleanerStart at the beginning of the drain, the part that is at the top of the grade. Hook up the garden hose, and let the water run down the inside of the drain. If the water backs up, us... Read More »

Why are French drains slotted?

French drains are slotted because that is the most reliable way to make sure free standing water does not collect in areas where you do not want it. The slotted pipes also help with filtration.Refe... Read More »

How to Landscape French Drains?

French drains are narrow, shallow trenches designed to hold and carry water away from wet spots and low-lying ground. They may be installed anywhere on a piece of property. French drains slope down... Read More »

How to Keep French Drains Free Flowing?

Schedule specific times of the year for French-drain maintenance. Anticipate heavy use caused by melting ice and snow and spring rains; resolve to have drains ready to control extra heavy water run... Read More »