What are Fannie Mae mortgage lenders?

Answer The Federal National Mortgage Association, often referred to as "Fannie Mae," is a government-sponsored stockholder-owned corporation founded by Congress in 1938 to purchase mortgages in the second... Read More »

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What do lenders do when a mortgage payment is missed?

When you miss a mortgage payment, several things must happen before you are forced out of your home. There are many chances during this process to get up to speed on your mortgage, so that one miss... Read More »

What index do lenders base mortgage rates on?

Lenders use the Federal Reserve's prime rate to set mortgage rates and not an index. The prime rate is the interest rate that is set at the Federal Reserve's Open Market Committee meetings. From th... Read More »

What federal agency regulates mortgage lenders?

The Federal Housing Finance Agency has been set up to regulate the mortgage industry and mortgage brokers. This agency enforces the regulations of the Making Home Affordable Program along with moni... Read More »

What Kind of Risks Do Mortgage Lenders Face?

While borrowers of home loans face a number of risks--the foremost of which is being foreclosed upon due to underpayment--the lender also assumes a number of risks as well. These risks relate not j... Read More »