Are coffee enemas good for you?

Answer On One Hand: Used During World IAccording to Mary Laredo of Natural News, nurses during World War I sometimes used coffee for pain-relieving enemas for soldiers when water was in short supply--with... Read More »

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Can a pregnant woman use enemas?

Answer Yes they can use plain enemas but be gentle.

Do beer enemas get you drunk?

Yes beer enemas will get you drunk. But beer being carbonated also causes nausea. I enjoy wine enemas on a fairly regular basis. I use a Fleet bag enema. I take 1000ml to 1500ml of wine. At 1000ml ... Read More »

Are Fleet Enemas Safe?

Fleet enemas are medications typically used for constipation, containing sodium biphosphate and sodium phosphate. Fleet enemas are also used to cleanse the bowels prior to certain medical procedure... Read More »

Coffee enemas during chemo?

There is no scientific evidence to indicate that coffee enemas detoxify the bowel, liver, or gallbladder. The Gerson Therapy treatment, which includes daily coffee enemas, is currently being touted... Read More »