What are Costa Rica's interesting plants& animals?

Answer Costa Rica is home to an outstanding array of wildlife. Over a quarter of Costa Rica's land is protected to conserve the plants and animals found throughout its rain forests, rivers, mountains and ... Read More »

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Endangered Plants & Animals in Costa Rica?

Life has flourished in the Costa Rican rainforests and marine environments (one in 20 of all plant and animals species may be found in Costa Rica), but there are also over 100 species there on the ... Read More »

What are costa rica's unique plants&animals?

Located between Nicaragua and Panama in Central America, Costa Rica is bordered by the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean. Costa Rica has a tropical and subtropical climate, with the dry sea... Read More »

Interesting Facts About Lions & Animals?

One of the larger species of felines alive today, lions are classified as big cats, which means they have the ability to roar, but lack the ability to purr like house cats do. Historically, their r... Read More »

Costa Rica poll: How do Costa Ricans view time and space?

-measure time with clocks...-during work time we work,during social time we go to the clubs,go to the movies,restaurants,parks...-costa ricans live the day,past is very important when it comes to p... Read More »