What are CC and R in governing documents?

Answer CC&Rs, also known as 'decs' - declarations -- are the covenants, conditions, regulations and restrictions for the use of the land as defined therein. The CC&Rs also document the 'constitution' -- g... Read More »

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Can the governing documents of a home owners association be changed?

Yes, absolutely. Read the CC&Rs and the By-laws -- each can be changed/ modified/ amended using separate and potentially different processes -- to understand how to amend or modify your governing d... Read More »

What is CIA's governing body?

What is the general rules governing first aid?

The steps for administering first aid can be summarized by the phrase: Check-Call-Care. Check: Check the scene and the victim. Do you need to move the victim? Will your involvement help or make t... Read More »

What is the governing body of mineral rights in Illinois?

In the United States, ownership of mineral rights remains with the property owner. However, the state government regulates the sale and transfer of the property. It varies by state, but typically t... Read More »