What are Burmese rubies?

Answer Exports from Burma (also known as Myanmar) once accounted for most of the world's supply of rubies. In 2006-07, Myanmar Gem Enterprises reported sales of $300 million, but that figure likely repres... Read More »

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Are the Burmese and Tibetan languages related?

The Burmese and Tibetan languages share many features. Both are members of the Tibeto-Burman language group, a sub-group of the Sino-Tibetan language family, according to Ethnologue. Burmese, the m... Read More »

When did Fenton make Burmese glass?

In 1969, a chemist named Charlie Goe who worked for the Fenton Art Glass Company created the first piece of Burmese glass containing soft colors of yellow and salmon. The Fenton Glass Company conti... Read More »

How to Make Burmese Sticky Rice Balls?

Finished sticky rice balls.A "sticky" glutinous rice ball is the most famous dessert in Myanmar (also known as Burma), especially during the new year season. This treat is very sweet and tasty, and... Read More »

What was the cost of rubies in 1933?

The value of any ruby depends upon the quality of the gem, determined in part by color and clarity. In 1933, a rough, 20-ct ruby found in Mogok, Burma, and cut to 7.5 ct, was valued at 10,000 pound... Read More »