What are Brawny paper towels made of?

Answer The materials used to make Brawny paper towels is confidential information that is not disclosed to the public. The Brawny line is manufactured by Georgia-Pacific and can be found where home househ... Read More »

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Are Brawny paper towels made from recycled materials?

Brawny paper towels are not made from recycled materials. The exact recipe is a closely guarded secret, but it is known that the towels are made from virgin forest fiber content.Source:Conservatree... Read More »

What is in Brawny paper towels?

Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products, the manufacturer of Brawny paper towels, says it cannot reveal the ingredients that go into making its towels because that information is "proprietary and confide... Read More »

Who invented Brawny paper towels?

Brawny paper towels were created by the Georgia-Pacific brand, a manufacturer of tissue, paper, packaging and other related products. The paper towels come in white or designer prints and have a tr... Read More »

Who makes Brawny paper towels?

Georgia-Pacific, a Koch Industries company, makes Brawny paper towels. Besides the Brawny brand, Georgia-Pacific also makes Dixie paper products, Angel Soft and Quilted Northern toilet paper, Spark... Read More »