What are Asti sparkling wines?

Answer Asti sparkling wines are named after the town of Asti in the Piedmont region in Italy. Often referred to as Asti Spumanti, this sparkling wine is characterized by a semi-sweet to sweet flavor with ... Read More »

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Which red wines better with age?

The vast majority of wines on the market are intended for enjoyment within one or two years of purchase. The Yellow Tail is meant for immediate drinking, and really has no potential to age.In orde... Read More »

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How to Serve Wines?

The process of serving a wine is an art form. If not served correctly, you could easily ruin the characteristics of a wine. If you are interested in learning the best ways to serve wines, then cons... Read More »

What are some great wines?

the list i could give is to long to posti did a google search for dessert wines and came up with one site that proved to be very informative…also have a l... Read More »