What are Alaska black diamonds?

Answer Alaska black diamonds are not actually diamonds. Rather, they are the mineral hematite, an iron oxide. Hematite is black or gray in color and formed through crystallization. The gem tends to be bri... Read More »

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Are black diamonds&black onyx the same stone?

Black diamonds and black onyx are two very different stones. Black diamonds are a form of diamond called Carbonado that actually has formed in stellar supernovae explosions. Onyx (and black onyx) i... Read More »

What are black diamonds made of?

Black diamonds are a type of diamond called a carbonado. Like clear diamonds, they are made of carbon. However, they are not as "pure." They are not really black, but very dark due to the inclusion... Read More »

What kind of North Carolina snake is black with white diamonds?

Eastern diamondback rattlesnakes are found in North Carolina and other southern states. Also known as Crotalus adamanteus, the eastern diamondback has a geometric brown, black and white diamond pat... Read More »

How rare are black diamonds?

Natural black diamonds, called carbonado, are quite rare, found only in Brazil and the Central African Republic. Black diamonds used in jewelry typically are not naturally black but receive their c... Read More »