What are ADSL & DSL?

Answer Prior to the advent of digital subscriber line (DSL) technology, a computer-user could not make calls on a copper telephone line and access the Internet on that line simultaneously. While DSL refer... Read More »

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Is there any way to transfer your monthly adsl usage to another adsl?

Unfortunately, that's just how big ISP's make their money. It's similar to trying to argue getting a lunch buffet price for a full price dinner at the same restaurant.

What is the difference between Broadband and ADSL?

They are the same thing: ADSL is a form of Broadband connection which uses BT's standard phone lines. The other main type of Broadband connection is called a leased line. See similar questions...

Is ADSL a speed test?

ADSL is not a speed test; it is a type of broadband Internet connection. Unlike typical DSL connections, an ADSL (asymmetrical digital subscriber line) connection uploads and downloads data at dif... Read More »

How to Test the Speed of ADSL?

ADSL, or asymmetric digital subscribers line, is a high-speed Internet connection that relies on a traditional phone line. The way ADSL works is that a phone line is split into two distinct channel... Read More »