What are 5 things worst about living in a big family?

Answer Though living in a big family has it's many advantages, there are a few disadvantages as well.1. everyone has to share with everyone else2. there is little or no privacy3. siblings usually find out... Read More »

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You hear the worst things about Ted Nugent?

I don't think he's evil. He promotes safe responsible gun ownership and the conservation of nature that goes along with serious hunting.

What was the 1970's children show about a family living in Africa?

Sounds like Daktari, with (Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion) as a notable character. Daktari had its problems, it was supposedly taking place (Live) but when it was aired the colonial era had ended. th... Read More »

What was the name of a 60's or 70's tv show about a family living in a bubble underwater?

Could you be thinking of the 1969 movie called Hello Down There? Tony Randall has invented an underwater home and to prove to his boss (Jim Backus) that living under water isn't a crazy idea, Tony ... Read More »

What time and what days are Ten Things I Hate about You on ABC family?

You should enter a crack number to unlock it and make it into a full version. You need to get a serial key. You can obtain a serial key once you buy the game from the site. but there is also anothe... Read More »