What are 3 symptoms of anorexia?

Answer Three major symptoms of anorexia are...1. Refusal to eat, odd food habits (like cutting it up very small or playing with it), easting only "safe" low-cal foods, eating only in the presence of other... Read More »

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Symptoms of anorexia?

Poor or distorted body image/obsession with food/irrational fear of weight gain/etc.See the DSM-IV criteria:…

Signs & Symptoms of Anorexia in Males?

Anorexia nervosa, also called simply anorexia, is a fear of being overweight to the point of an irrational obsession of being thin. This irrational behavior drives those suffering from anorexia to... Read More »

Symptoms of Kidney Failure and Anorexia in a Dog?

Kidney failure in dogs means that the kidneys are failing to perform their designated jobs. As the body's filtration system, the kidneys normally filter the blood, send toxins and excess fluid to t... Read More »

Can stress have anything to do with symptoms of anorexia or pregnancy?

Answer i dont know anything about pregnancy symptoms, but when u are stressed, sometimes people feel they have almost no control over anything but their self-image. (especially females) Also if u r... Read More »