What are 3 specialty finishing operations used in commercial printing?

Answer UV CoatingDie CuttingFolding

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Why Can I Not Copy My Photographs That Were Done at a Commercial Photo Finishing Studio?

Under copyright laws in America, a photographer or finisher is the owner of the photographs produced. Therefore, commercially produced and finished photos cannot be reproduced without express permi... Read More »

I am looking to get into commercial printing. What are some of the best printers out there?

Those offset printers run from $250,000 used to over $1,000,000 new. The best one are Heidelberg. If you want commercial quality, you would need a color laser printer. That can print on glossy pape... Read More »

What is screen printing used for?

Screen printing is a method of printing text and artwork on fabric. This is done by placing a screen that is imprinted with your design on the fabric. Paint is forced through the screen onto the fa... Read More »

Which is the best method for book color printing for commercial?

If you have the time the Xerox machine would be cheaper, but, and there is always a but in this case. You are talking 1250000 print pages. The none commercial one's cartridges print between 1500 ... Read More »