What are 3 reasons you shouldnt get drunk and drive?

Answer you get overconfident while your response time is getting greater

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What are the Top 10 reasons cell phones shouldnt be allowed in school?

They distract the student from learning.They can be used to find answers during a test.They can distract other students by ringing or vibrating.They can spread rumors.They are expensive, and can be... Read More »

Reasons Teenagers Join Gangs?

Teenagers often struggle to define themselves and their place in the world. They may choose to associate with a certain group because its members share similar beliefs, attitudes or interests. How... Read More »

What are some reasons you think teenagers choose to drink alcohol?

Do you think the text messaging that teenagers do is a complete waste of time & money?

Their need to be constantly connected is what worries me. Yes, judging by the content of some of the texts I have seen of my grandchildren. They don't say anything. "What are you doing?" "Nothing... Read More »