What are 3 easy dishes that use tofu?

Answer tofu stirfry, tofu burritos, spaghetti with tofu

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Do vegetarians use sponges to wash the tofu off their dishes?

Easy Ways to Cook Tofu?

The Chinese have been eating tofu since about 200 B.C. Although it is a staple in most Asian cuisine, American consumers often do not know how to prepare it. Cooking tofu is not difficult and its m... Read More »

Does anyone know how of a easy way to take off labels from glasses They're stuck on my dishes

Does anyone know and good and easy vegetarian/vegan side dishes?

I would do roast potatoes and parsnips and as they are likely to cook faster than the quail so they may need to go in first.Check with you recipe for the cooking times whether you are going to roas... Read More »