What are good colors to decorate you kitchen in and what colors for a bath room?

Answer Do you have a piece of favorite art, or a throw pillow, or even a piece of clothing that has a pattern and you're just drawn to the colors; or you could shop for something you love? Use it to deci... Read More »

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How to Make Good Outfits With Good Colors?

Ever been teased because of your outfit? Do they say," OMG!! Your outfit totally clashes!!" Well, here's an article that will shut them up for good!

Colors That Look Good with Red?

Red is a difficult color to complement effectively, whether in decorating a room or choosing clothes. However, popular taste has changed over the years regarding which colors are all right with red... Read More »

Which colors would look good on me ?

What colors would look good on me?

Mila Kunis has your coloring and her stylists typically dress her in muted, dark lodens, very dark olives (with a touch of one bright red item, as in all dark olive green with one red scarf or a pa... Read More »