What are 3 basic parts of a camera?

Answer 1) The Diaphragme (iris)- Limits the amount of light that goes into the camera.2) The Lens- Light passes through the lens to form an inverted image in the camera.3) Charge Coupled Device (CCD)- Abs... Read More »

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The Basic Parts of a Car?

Automobiles are made up of many small components that form complex systems, all of which work together for you to drive the car. Understanding the basic systems and their main components can help... Read More »

How are the parts of the camera similar to the parts of the eye?

They both use a lens to focus the image and they both have a recording surface for the image. In cameras it is the film and in the eye it is the retina.

What Are the Six Basic Parts of Plants?

All plants are members of the kingdom plantae. They are multicellular, have chloroplasts (the ability to make their own food) and rigid cell walls. Plants have six parts.RootsThe roots anchor plant... Read More »

What Are The Basic Parts For Building Your Own Computer?

Operating SystemCaseMotherboardCPURam Video CardHard DriveCD/DVD DrivePower SupplyMonitor Keyboard/MouseEverything must be compatible like the motherboard with cpu, the ram with the motherboard, th... Read More »