What are 2 problems often associated with teen pregnancy?

Answer The girls drop out of school and there's a higher risk for complications.

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What are the problems associated with fasting?

NOT DOING IT EVER, THAT's WHAT WRONG WITH FASTING. PEOPLE AREN'T DOING ENOUGH OF IT. I water fasted a few times, I prefer water fast for far more weight loss. I was loaded with salt and lost weigh... Read More »

What Problems Are Associated With Nuclear Energy?

Nuclear energy operates through nuclear fission rather than by burning fossil fuels or natural gas. Not only is the process highly efficient in terms of the amount of waste produced per energy outp... Read More »

What color vaginal discharge is associated with pregnancy?

Vaginal discharge during pregnancy, also called leukorrhea, often changes in color, consistency and frequency. Expect your discharge to range in color from white to pink. If your discharge is accom... Read More »

What are some common problems associated with negative edge pools?

Negative edge (vanishing edge, perimeter overflow) pools share all the common problems of other in-ground pools. They do, however, present a couple of challenges unique them. Let's start out by ins... Read More »