What are 2 main concerns of medication during pregnancy?

Answer Benefit to health of mother vs risk of harm to fetus.

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What happens if you take medication during the first weeks of pregnancy?

%DETAILS% Answer Most likely you weren't pregnant, and a few pills for a cold aren't usually harmful to a fetus. You could have still been pregnant and misscarried but I don't believe there is any ... Read More »

Can you take diabetes medication during pregnancy?

On One Hand: Insulin is SafeInsulin is a medication commonly used to treat diabetes. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration classifies it as a "category B" drug for pregnancy use, which means that t... Read More »

Is medication taken during pregnancy a cause of kidney disease in the infant?

please understand the reasons why you SHOULDN'T drink during pregnancy, FIRST.your newborn could suffer from permanent mental retardation, a lowered IQ level, or may have to live with the consequen... Read More »

Where would a person look to find out if a medication you are currently taking is harmful to a pregnancy?

Speak to the Doctor who wrote the prescription for this med, or ask the Pharmacist who filled the script for you. Both are professionally qualified to answer this question.