What are 100 recipes every person should know?

Answer I'll try 100! I'm just gonna put what pops in my head. Here I go:1. Pasta2.Garlic Bread3.Pizza4.Toast5.Macaroni and Cheese6.Peanut Butter and Jelly7.Chocolate Cake8.Meatloaf9.Noodles10.Curry11.Popc... Read More »

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What do you think every girl should know ?

1. Give second chances but not third ones.2. Don't take dirty pictures of yourself.3. Don't be pressured into sex.4. Don't take an English IV course online (lol).5. Don't waste your life sitting on... Read More »

What Every Teacher Should Know About Effective Teaching Strategies?

Teachers need to use effective teaching strategies to get students engaged and help their students learn about the topic. Strategies and effectiveness can vary depending on the students, the age of... Read More »

10 beauty tips every girl should know?

In no particular order, these are some good ones, for me at least.1. Hula bronzer. It's be Benefit. Buy it. No matter what skin tone you have (I am very pale) BUY. IT.2. Mosturizer. If you get a go... Read More »

Do you know any recipes for this or similar recipes?

That just looks like a saute of chicken and veggies tossed with penne pasta to me, pretty easy stuff. Use this recipe and just add some chicken.…And of cou... Read More »