What are 10 greens commonly used is Floriculture?

Answer Salal is a big one.Also:EucalyptusParlor palmGallaxBear grassLeather leafQueen Anne's laceBaby's breathItalian ruscusTree fern

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The History of Floriculture?

The seeds of floriculture were first planted in Babylonian Times, with the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. A far cry from what is considered modern floriculture involving greenhouses and the nurturing ... Read More »

Is Greens Plus good?

On One Hand: Health and HappinessGreens Plus is a nutritional supplement used to improve overall health and happiness in an individual. Since the mid-2000s, the Greens Plus chlorophyll-filled produ... Read More »

How to Buy Salad Greens?

Salad greens are fresh vegetables that are usually served raw. They make a good base for other salad ingredients, such as chopped vegetables, fruits, cheeses, meats, nuts and beans. Most local groc... Read More »

How to Clean Greens?

"Greens" is just a nice, quick way of saying green, leafy vegetables. These are veggies like lettuce, cabbage, and spinach. Unfortunately, these leaves are great for catching pesticides and other c... Read More »