What are 10 examples of respect?

Answer 1. Looking someone in the eye when talking to them2. Asking someone's permission before doing something3. Using good manners like "please" and "thankyou"4. Talking politely and quietly, not shoutin... Read More »

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Why does Matt Dallas women friends seem not to respect his body or him Matt deserves respect.?

The Ha'tak goa'uld mothership can travel 10 light-years per year with the hyperdrive. This is approximately 0.001 light-years per hour. The Prometheus (it is a BC-303 model) can travel 32 light-ye... Read More »

What actor started the you get no respect?

It was renewed for the 2009 and 2010 seasons, again as a mid-season replacement series. In summer of 2010, it was signed for new episodes, with its 5th season to begin in September, 2010.

What is the difference between fear and respect?

Some abusive people can obtain respect (twisted respect) by dishing out fear. That's the only connection.Normally fear of a person or persons is not respect, but simply fear itself (bodily harm.) R... Read More »

What does'swj'mean with respect to jewelry?

SWJ stands for Swiss Watches and Jewelry, AG. It is the trade name of a Swiss company known as Justex, which was founded in 1969, and is located in Biel, Switzerland, in the area known as "Watch V... Read More »