What application on the droid phone will let you download songs from sdib band?

Answer i dont know someone plz help me

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What will happen if i download a application from a website instead of in the android market?

Depends on how trustworthy the web site is. It could be one that is valid, or it could be one that only wishes to spread mal-ware to computers..

How do you download songs from LimeWire to the MP3 player on a mobile phone?

AnswerHi :)The same way you would download them to your phone from your PC :)They will be stored on your Hard Drive :)Snowy :)

How can I download free full mp3 songs to my cell phone from the internet?

Find it here (On the right side of this site, click DOWNLO... Read More »

How do I remove an application from the Motorola Droid?

HomeSettingsApplicationsManage Applications. Tap the app you want to delete, and once the info appears, tap the Uninstall button. (Some apps you can't uninstall, like Visual VM)