What application creates a PHP file?

Answer PHP is a programming language used to create dynamic websites. You can create a PHP file with any plain-text text editor, including vi, Notepad and emacs. Just save the file as, for example, filena... Read More »

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How to Get an Xbox 360 Application File?

The Xbox 360 marketplace is a digital distribution vendor that is accessible on your Xbox 360. You can browse and purchase Xbox 360 application files, such as games, directly from your Xbox 360. Th... Read More »

What application uses the following file extensions .doc, .txt, .jpg&.exe?

Microsoft Word uses the .DOC file extension for document files. The .TXT file extension corresponds to text files. TXT files are created by Microsoft Notepad and TextEdit, but can be opened using m... Read More »

How to Create a CSS File in a Web Application?

For many years, HTML was the primary language used to construct and format Web pages. Today, HTML is still required for the overall layout of content on a website. However, its formatting code has ... Read More »

What application uses a sqm file extension?

Files with the extension ".sqm" are used by certain Windows applications (Windows Live, MS Office, and others). SQM stands for "Service Quality Monitoring," and these files are used for logging "a... Read More »