What app or software can i use to read my daughters text messagez?

Answer You can't as this is technically illegal, as the parent however you could just try taking the phone from her and reading them, anything she deletes will be in a trash folder most likely. If you ha... Read More »

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Is there any software which can translate hindi text to english text?

Here are some softwares:… and these are some online translation sites: http://www.shabdko... Read More »

What are some good speech to text software?

If you have Windows XP then you already have a good speech dictation/recognition system built in. Additional capabilities can be added using the e-Speaking (website below) Voice and Speech Recognit... Read More »

What software do I need to scan text into my computer?

If you have a digital camera you can use it as a copier/scanner.You made need to check how to use your camera in Macro mode etc and with a bit of trial and error you should get a good readable pict... Read More »

What code do I use to allow user input of a text file to be read (Matlab)?

You can use these commands to do this: ~feof, ~fscanfHope this helps.