What app edits like instagram?

Answer If you are talking about Instagram's filter system, then you have many camera apps that can do it.* I like 'Camera+' even thought it costs money.* You have the social network called 'Path' that all... Read More »

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What is Pheed exactly Is it like Instagram?

Its like instagram except u can post videos and more. But i like instagram better. It is easier to use and u can make urself private.

How do you get apps like instagram, tumblr, and fb on a jailbroken Iphone 3g?

You can use Free Mobile Helper to download free apps, music and wallpaper.PS : you should download Free Mobile Helper free at firstly.

How do I know if my friends on Facebook can see the pictures I like on Instagram?

How do I delete all my pictures off of Instagram without deleting my Instagram?

Click on a photo, where there's dots / circles press that then press delete and do that with all the ones you wanna delete :) x