What apartments in AZ accept evictions?

Answer This is what I am wondering. most of the time the only places that do are in west Phoenix= the slums. Tempe- Parkside (River & University)/ and Palomio (Apache, between mcClintock & 101)Desert sky ... Read More »

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How do you find apartments that accept evictions in orange county?

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What property management companies accept tenants with prior evictions?

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Where can I find the nrs statues pertaining to evictions?

May I suggest you contact Action New 13 in Las Vegas. They have a help center. They are there from 11 am to 1 pm M-F and get a lot of results for people. Also since there is more than one answer to... Read More »

How long do evictions stay on your record in Ohio?

An eviction could remain on a tenant screening or consumer credit report for as long as seven years. Ohio does not have specific laws that address this issue, but the Federal Fair Credit Reporting ... Read More »