What antivirus is better NORTON or AVG?

Answer The one that's not been made yet.

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Which is better mcaffee or Norton antivirus and which is faster?

should protect your pcotherwise may not last longerwhich is better i'd go with nortonit is the most trusted antivirus and online security in the world and considered by many immortal leader of onli... Read More »

What is Norton AntiVirus software?

Many people depend on their computers for their careers, and they must have a way to protect their work. Norton AntiVirus is a software program designed to keep computers and their content from bei... Read More »

What company makes Norton AntiVirus?

Norton AntiVirus is a popular program that works to identify computer viruses, eliminate them and prevent them from occurring in the first place. Norton AntiVirus is manufactured by Symantec Corpor... Read More »

What is a norton antivirus definition file?

Symantec is the company that publishes the Norton Antivirus program, and it defines a virus definition file as "a file that provides information to antivirus software to find and repair risks."Sour... Read More »