What antibiotic can a pregnant woman take safely?

Answer any.

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What pain reliever can a pregnant woman take safely?

Tylenol or acetaminophen is the safest pain releiver for pregnant women and children. Although NSAIDS like ibuprofen are relatively safe Tylenol is considered the safest. The worst pain reliever to... Read More »

Are their any antidepressants that can be safely taken by a pregnant or nursing woman?

There are several class B antidepressants, Wellbutrin comes to mind. The other issue at hand is that sometimes the benefits outweigh the risks. Is the mother so depressed that she's not eating, ... Read More »

How much weight can a pregnant woman lift safely?

I read this article and it said that the only problem to lifting heavy weights late in the pregnancy was because of the womans center of balance being thrown off and she could hurt herself. But lif... Read More »

Can you take antibiotic when 9 weeks pregnant?

Either it's frostbite or an infection. I would see a doctor soon.