What anti-vegetarian propaganda have you seen lately?

Answer Rare is correct. We scare the meat industry. If vegetarianism continues to grow as it is, they are out of business. I think we need to view these advertisements as a small victory, they have notice... Read More »

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That anti-vegetarian stuff?

Lol. I think your list is going to get bigger though.Don't forget - All vegans/ vegetarians are hypocrites (and then an entire paragraph containing their "revelation.")- SOME vegetarians eat dead ... Read More »

Are you a vegetarian/vegan and anti-PeTA?

I completely understand what you mean. I am for both of the organizations. While ALF is doing a lot of drastic things in order to help animals Peta is doing that too (just in a legal way) I think ... Read More »

Whats your favourite anti-vegetarian cliche?

My dad told me I would lose all of my hair. I responded, "So, I will look like you." (I still have most of my hair, and he is still bald.)"You need milk for strong bones," or "Drink you milk to gro... Read More »

How to Use Propaganda in a Guerrilla War?

Guerrilla warfare generally arises from a small insurrection of a population using hit-and-run tactics to destabilize a controlling government. Guerrilla wars are decided by which side can maintain... Read More »