What animals dig holes in backyard?

Answer dogs

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What could be the cause of these holes in my backyard?

Some big bug that makes a racket whose name starts with a C. Folks that can't pronounce the name call them katydids. They lay eggs in the holes they dig and the offspring crawl out to leave their s... Read More »

Do rats dig holes in soil What other small animals dig holes in soil?

Rats do it and its not the little ones, its the ones that look like big freakin cats! When the garbage man comes ask him for some poison and put it in the holes. Watch your car too, they chew on th... Read More »

What animals dig holes in backyards?

Some animals that dig holes in yards are rabbits, ground hogs, moles, nutria, and dogs.

I dumped a bag of bird seed around my backyard and some in the woods, what kind of animals will this attract?

Birds, squirrels, and maybe things that eat birds or squirrels.