Who pees in the pool?

Answer not me :))

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My grass is brown everywhere my dog pees. What can I do about that?

Hi and I have to laugh! I am in the horticultural industry and my yard is the worst in the neighborhood! I have a Border Collie, a Basset, and A German Shepherd! 2 Cats and three grand sons! I... Read More »

Why does a person pees blood?

I think Kidney failure is a bit harsh! Blood in urine can be a kidney infection but you would feel very, very rough ( i speak from experience) if you have a burning sensation when peeing it is more... Read More »

Is there any hope for a laptop computer when a cat pees on the keyboard?

Uh oh! Better take this one in to the shop....I think I'd tell them I spilled juice on it! ;)

My dog is old and pees on the floor.My tiles stink even after cleaning,what do I do to take the smell away?

Boil the kettle, squeeze a lemon into it. Alternatively, use lemon essential oil. It's a natural antibacteriant and works wonders. The smell is also distasteful to dogs and cats, so it might discou... Read More »