Animal rights supporters: Restaurants and veal?

Answer Yes, I had the opportunity to go to a Humane Society fundraiser but when I found out the focus was the BBQ with the sale of gourmet hot dogs I was unable to get over the disconnect there. Sure they... Read More »

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What was that children's show about an animal detective or a guy or animal in a trench coat that looked like a kangaroo or Bentley from The Jeffersons near a street lamp?

There was a short-lived- possibly originating in Australia, cartoon adaptatioin of Verne"s Around the world in eighty days- done as a cartoon show that had animal characters- also one with human ch... Read More »

From what animal do they get all the kidney beans from?

Well, we get liver from Liverwort don't we, so there must be a Kidneywort plant somewhere. Oh, and don't forget the Spleenwort and Lungwort. (I wonder if there's a Willywort?).

What animal is Arthur from PBS?

Arthur, from the PBS show "Arthur," is an aardvark. For more information, you can go to I tihnk he's a mouse No Arthu... Read More »

What nationality is animal from the muppets?

"Animal" , the drummer from the band Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem , is an expatriate from an undisclosed nation .