How to Buy a Llama?

Answer A girl and her llama.Llamas are very interesting and unusual pets. Buying a llama is easy; here is how to buy a llama from different sources.

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What is the best color to dye my llama's fur?

OMG!!!! SAME HERE!!! I have a llama named trixie that lives in my closet, and she is dyed pink and she loves it. Eating lip smackers keeps her coat nice and shiny too.

How to Ride a Llama?

Many people want to use llamas as transportation, but don't know how, or treat llamas at ranches poorly while riding them. Llamas have been used through out their history as pack and riding animals... Read More »

How to Draw a Llama?

Did you know that llamas and camels are related? they are members of the family Camelidae. Llamas may be cute and social animals, but do be careful! if they raised badly, at maturity, they might sp... Read More »

How to Cut Llama's Toenails?

Llamas are traditionally mountain-dwelling animals that benefit from living in a rocky environment because the hard terrain naturally wears down their toenails, which grow continuously. Llamas tha... Read More »