What is the biggest cell in the animal world?

Answer According to, the largest cell by volume is the ostrich egg. When laid it has not yet to divide. Ostrich eggs on average weigh close to 3 lbs. The ostrich egg is the largest cell by vol... Read More »

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Is big bird the biggest animal on sesame street?

What sea creature has the biggest eyes?

As of 2008, the colossal squid has the biggest eyes of not only any sea creature but of any animal in the world, according to National Geographic. The eye measured in at 11 inches, the same length ... Read More »

What animal has the most eyes?

According to Biomedia Associates, a scallop can have more than 100 eyes on the mantle at the rim of the shell. Each small blue eye has a lens and retina attached to the optic nerve. These organs he... Read More »

Which animal sleeps with its eyes open?

Some rabbits and cattle sleep with their eyes open. Since snakes do not have eyelids, they must sleep with their eyes open. Sharks also keep their eyes open while sleeping; this allows them to trac... Read More »