What animal do you eat like?

Answer I eat like you:)

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What was that children's show about an animal detective or a guy or animal in a trench coat that looked like a kangaroo or Bentley from The Jeffersons near a street lamp?

There was a short-lived- possibly originating in Australia, cartoon adaptatioin of Verne"s Around the world in eighty days- done as a cartoon show that had animal characters- also one with human ch... Read More »

What animal would you say I look like?

What animal like protists eat food by absorbing it into their cells?

All living things absorb nutrients through cells.If you are talking about consuming well fungi absorb their host. Animals require bigger food than microorganisms so it does not happen exactly like ... Read More »

What is the most nasty thing you have ever heard about animal meat?

I thought it was disgusting that chickens are routinely fed arsenic (and most commonly roxarsone) to prevent parasitic infections brought on by the fact they are kept caged or in extremely close qu... Read More »