What will happen if i just hold my breath?

Answer if you hold your breath long will pass out. but once you pass out...your body with regularly function and you will start breathing again. it is possible that you might need medical a... Read More »

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How to Hold Your Breath in a Tunnel?

Holding your breath while in a tunnel can be a fun way to do! Don't know what to do but it's easy, try it!

How long can you hold your breath for?

It depends on how long somebodies fart last where I'm at.

How to Hold Your Breath Under Water?

Want to impress your friends in the pool? Well, read these instructions and you will soon be able to hold your breath for an impressive amount of time.

How to Hold Your Breath While Swimming?

Holding your breath under water takes getting used to, especially if you’re running through your oxygen stores quickly by swimming vigorously. To hold your breath while swimming, follow these ins... Read More »