What animal body did the sphinx represent in ancient Egypt?

Answer Although the head may be of different creatures, like a human, ram, falcon or hawk, the body of an Egyptian sphinx is always a lion. The largest representation of a sphinx is at Giza, on the west ... Read More »

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What does a sphinx represent in ancient Egypt?

The mythological sphinx of Ancient Egypt had a lion's body because Egypt, like other near-eastern cultures, associated the lion with sun worship. During later dynasties, the sphinx also came to rep... Read More »

Who built the Sphinx in ancient Egypt?

The Sphinx is one of the largest archeological wonders of Egypt. Although there is no definitive way to know exactly when and who built the Sphinx, most scholars today believe that King Khafre had ... Read More »

What did the ba represent in ancient Egypt?

In ancient Egypt, the ba represented a person's soul. It was believed to be able to leave the body and freely travel. After death, the ba was believed to travel through the "realm of the dead" and ... Read More »

How long did it take to build the ancient Egypt Sphinx?

There are no official records or estimates that indicate how long it took to build the Great Sphinx of Egypt. This lack of evidence is due in part to the debate over how and when the Great Sphinx w... Read More »