What amplifier works the best with Koss headphones?

Answer A headphone amplifier can be used with a hi-fi system although is not necessary. Most hi-fi systems have the ability to have headphones directly connected through a dedicated output socket. The hea... Read More »

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Which headphones are better Koss R80 or the Dj style headphones made by ear pollution?

Makers of koss headphones?

What do I need to connect my headphones to my amplifier?

There is no available adapter if you don't have a headphone output on your amp.I do not recommend the Vox Bass AmpPlug. The input ports for the headphone and cd/mp3 players are cheaply made. I pu... Read More »

How does noise cancelling headphones works?

No, Beats by Dr. Dres are headphones, they have no memory to hold songs. You have to plug them into a device that outputs music through a standard 3.5mm output jack (ex. iPod).