What amperage produces hydrogen best for hydrolysis?

Answer On One Hand: Using 5 Amps Per Cubic Centimeter WorksAt 5 amperage (amp) per cubic centimeter of water, hydrogen separates at a 93 percent efficiency. This results in expending 42 kilowatt hours of ... Read More »

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What metal alloy produces hydrogen when combined with salt water?

Purdue University professor Jerry Woodall has produced an aluminum-gallium-indium-tin alloy that creates hydrogen when combined with water. Because this alloy uses less gallium than earlier efforts... Read More »

What Is Alkaline Hydrolysis?

Alkaline hydrolysis is a water-based chemical process using a strong alkali in water at temperatures of up to 180 degrees centigrade (350 degrees Fahrenheit) to decompose or reduce flesh or meat to... Read More »

Which places in india produces best wine ?

Nashik, MaharashtraNashik is the major producer of Grapes.Grapes are used in Wine preparation.Nashik has lots of Wine Production Plants.

What method of recording videos produces the best quality videos to...?

Method?Never capture handheld. Always use some sort of steadying device. Tripod, rock, chair... anything, but not handheld.If you need to zoom, zoom slowly.If you need to pan, pan slowly.It is pref... Read More »