What amount of body hair should a guy have?

Answer it really depends on the girl, but on average this is what should be good to attract the majority of them legs = can be hairyarms = can be hairychest = preferred better when hairlessstomach = "happ... Read More »

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Girls, do u think i have just the right amount of body hair?

If you're happy with it,then don't change it.I guess everyone had their ideals,but I know for me,I don't really get hung up on the exact amount of body hair a guy has.While I guess if I had to pick... Read More »

How to Lower the Amount of Yeast in the Body?

Among the delicate balances that exist in the human body is that between yeast (a fungus) and so-called "good" bacteria. Specifically, this bacteria--also known as "probiotic" bacteria--regulates t... Read More »

Does the amount of marijuana consumed correlate with body mass index?

I think you have answered your own question. Generally medications are produced in a standard format and those of us who are smallish have to use a certain amount of judgment in taking them. So now... Read More »

What was the 1970s kid's show hosted by a lady with short hair in a classroom dressed in a unitard that had a diagram of a body and she would talk about the body digestion and what organs do?

You can watch it on the Discovery Kids Channel at 2:30-3:30 or 10:30-11:00 Central Time when that episode airs.Or, you could just go to United Streaming, but you'll need a password and username;Use... Read More »