What amount of body hair should a guy have?

Answer it really depends on the girl, but on average this is what should be good to attract the majority of them legs = can be hairyarms = can be hairychest = preferred better when hairlessstomach = "happ... Read More »

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Girls, do u think i have just the right amount of body hair?

If you're happy with it,then don't change it.I guess everyone had their ideals,but I know for me,I don't really get hung up on the exact amount of body hair a guy has.While I guess if I had to pick... Read More »

Survey: Does your hair color have anything to do with the amount of fun you have/are?

Should i remove my body hair?

Well if u shaved then its ginna grow way faster

Every body wants me to get braces but i dont and i admit that i have crocked teeth what should i do?

Well lil day you'll be a big t with crooked teeth. Do it now while your young because it's so much easier to move the teeth. You'll have to wear them a much longer time when your grown. ... Read More »