What foods do you like eating right out of the Can/Jar?

Answer Fruit! especially pears. For your canned tuna check out

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What are you eating or drinking right this minute?

Not eating, but about to make myself a vodka and diet coke. I need it after fighting with Christmas lights!

What are you eating right now What did you have for dinner?

Nothing right now but for dinner I had roast sweet potato (my favourite), meatloaf (a new recipe my grandmother found tasted like hamburger helper to me), bread and butter and cabbage. I had a few ... Read More »

Are you eating anything right now?

Are you eating/drinking anything right now?

Radishes & carrots & cheezies.And chocolate in between bites.Drinking a glass of cold water and a mug of hot water with lemon & honey.Not your everyday combination, but I'm pregnant & fighting off ... Read More »